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About Us

he bank had established with the name al baynah company for money transfer in accordance with establishment certificate issuing from the department of the registrar of companies number 7918 in 31 march 2009 with capital worth 500,000 Iraqi dinar after issuing the authorization of practicing banking from Iraqi central bank numbered 9/3/1763 in 2 February 2016.starting it’s work from the main branch in 1 march 2016. The bank still take bold steps in the Iraqi economy field and this steps have boost it position as one of the modern Islamic banks in Iraq

Bank Goals

Since the establishment of the bank in 2016,world Islamic bank has become a pioneer in the field of banking services and transactions that what meet the needs of the development in the field banks in the region and the whole world. World Islamic bank has always consider a pioneer of Iraqi banks to find modern banking means , and of the first banks that boost the mechanism of it’s work and added it to modern development technology from computers ,programs and banking system with transparent nature and high security provided a lot of time.

Member of Directors

Mr. Sami Shannan Zuid / Chairman of Board of Directors
Imad Qassim Salim / Vice Chairman of the Board
Zainab Abdi Hafidh / Member
Abd Alra'of Ajeel Taher / Member
Saif Aldeen Saad Hashimk / Member