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Anti-money laundering office
Money laundering office was established in 2016,it specialized in insurance the legality of the work and insure legit earning and follow-up and verification from the source of the money and it’s legitimacy all that by connecting with global sites that publish lists of suspects names and follow up lists of suspects in line with laws and inspectors of Iraqi central bank to follow-up all baking works and making sure that the bank wouldn’t use as mean of money laundering or terrorist financing or any other suspicious acts.

Credit department
Since the establishment of this section it goal was to issue letters of guarantee within a legislated Islamic frame for costumers services. after the expansion in the bank services, it work was no more limited for issuing letters of guarantee ,but also expanded to include
- issuing of letters guarantee in the two currencies (Iraqi an dollar)
- the validity of the issuing of letters of guarantee
- validity of cash depsits